Accomodating all

The rooms have large windows and enjoy natural light.

They are equipped with a work desk, modem plug point with cabled and wireless internet access, Satellite TV offering the following stations: CNN, BBC, KBC, DSTV, TV5, STV, Nation TV, Citizen, CCTV and electronic safes.

saying she always tells teachers when teaching them how to help struggling readers (including those with dyslexia): “It is far more about the process than the content.” The strong right brain of students with dyslexia offers them many unique strengths, however, tasks that require a set process to be accomplished (and hence, a dominant left brain) are much more difficult for dyslexic students—including language tasks.

Despite the obstacle that this presents, it provides valuable insights into how to improve the process that information is taught. Here are eight tips from Berrett that you can implement to accommodate the needs of every learner in your classroom (especially the ones with dyslexia! How it helps students with dyslexia: Because dyslexia is a processing disorder, students with dyslexia have a difficult time processing, prioritizing, and remembering long lists of directions at one time.

Developing adaptations and accommodations for a child with special needs is a continuous process that involves each child's collaborative team. are available from the Publications Office of the Institute on Community Integration.

The first step is to assess the child's abilities and the environment where the child will be spending time. The first copy of this issue is free; additional copies are each.

* Can keep your luggages before check-in / after check-out.

For over a decade now, Australians have been finding the right place to stay at

A complementary shuttle bus service is available between the hotel and the City Centre, Nairobi twice a day.

Yims House Hotel is the most affordable, clean and freshly remodeled budget hotel with modestly equipped rooms.

Yims House is recommended for the budget travelers who would like to stay in the center of Seoul. The guest rooms are approximately 20 square meters, and equipped with standard facilities that are remarkably bright for the price.

Karimah’s Kitchen offers classes for private parties consisting of at least five students interested in learning the trade of Lebanese cooking!

Led by Karimah herself, each class features a hands-on learning experience in preparing an authentic Lebanese meal composed of three dishes from our menu.


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