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Is it a lack of desire for that old school action style?

Is it that he’s just too old to grab that coveted 18-34 demographic, even if many of them grew up with his more beloved efforts? Still, he exposed me to many of the films I would still call favorites to this day.

From the simplest to the most prominent persons in this world, it can be undoubted that each really wants and seeks for improvement.A few weeks ago I was happy to get to attend the second meetup of this cool new group called Boss Babes ATX.If you haven’t heard of it yet, and you’re not exactly sure what a “boss babe” is, you can read the interview and Q&A I conducted with the founder of Boss Babes ATX, Jane Claire Hervey.Welcome back to “I’m All Out Of Love,” in which I take a pop culture subject (film series, director, actor, television show, etc) and dissect how my ‘love’ of them from early on slowly dwindled and what my current stance on them is.On paper, a muscular hulking rock who barely speaks any English should have never worked as a major movie star, let alone thee biggest movie star for a solid decade.It's a scene that's ripped straight out of Gaiman's novel, on which American Gods is based, occurring at the very end of the first chapter — and as iconic as the moment is, it's a perfect example of why American Gods readers have wondered whether the show could capture the novel's most bizarre details. As with much of the show, the adaptation takes its source material quite seriously with Bilquis' introductory scene, as things play out almost note for note as they do in the book.


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