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(If you share the lease, deal with it like responsible adults. Don’t lock him out.) The thrill of revenge only feeds bitterness and hatred.

I thought that if I couldn't find a new relationship (and fast) after my breakup, something had to be wrong with me.

This reflective stage can feel painful and uncomfortable, but it’s a gift at its core.

“The ends of relationships teach us so much about ourselves: our style of communication, whether that style is effective or not, how we handle insecurities, conflict, and co-existing as an individual and as part of a two-some simultaneously,” said another contributing psychologist, Sanam Hafeez, Psy. At the end of the day, whether you go to bed alone, next to a new person you swiped right on, or curled up with a book by a supposed dating expert, the only person who really knows what you need is you.

Do what makes you feel good as a responsible adult. Psychology Today notes in the weeks following a breakup you’re more likely to “go crazy” while trying to regain your emotional stability.

Give yourself a brief opportunity to let loose, and then go back to being a responsible adult.


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