Child custody dating rehab

Now, here is a list of the seven most common pitfalls of parties going through custody actions.

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Not being the primary caretaker: In most households, one parent is most responsible for caring for the children's basic needs -- the so called primary caretaker.Child custody changes often occur as children get older and want to experience what it's like to live with the other parent.It's understandable that you might feel uncomfortable about changing the status quo, but reading through these answers from our legal expert can shed some light on your situation: Raechel's Question: My divorce was finalized three months ago.Curtis, 40, also alleged that he violated a court order by not informing her of Harper’s emergency room visit while in his care, and he returned him to her at p.m. She also claimed that since the court previously denied his request for a psychological evaluation, she should not have to take one, and that he could post photos of Harper on social media.For most parents going through a divorce, custody issues are the primary concern.He has now changed jobs so I don't know where he works. I want primary residential custody of the kids because we can no longer get along. Will it matter that I allow for him to have the kids during my scheduled time due to family and stuff that comes up?


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