Christian guys think dating

We haven't seen each other since school ended but we continue to talk to each other via E-mail.

I receive and send and several E-mails to her daily.

3) One of their main concerns is how they and others look, not who they are, and much of their conversation revolves around those two things.

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“Girls shouldn’t approach makeup with the thought of trying to add something to their physical appearance for the sole purpose of being more physically attractive.I'm thinking of telling her I like her and ask her on a date sometime, like to the movies or something. How do you think I should ask her on a date and tell her I like her, and what do you think of a Christian guy dating a Jewish girl? “Honestly, and maybe surprisingly, I don’t really think makeup is a big issue.Of course, we know that sex outside of marriage is NOT God’s will. These Christians believe that our “courting” process shouldn’t resemble the “dating” process the world uses.There's this absolutely wonderful Jewish girl I've gotten to know.I go to this thing called the Baptist Student Ministry on my college campus.


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