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Community members may share documentation and code, get troubleshooting help, and submit bug reports and suggestions for improvements.This page is an essay, containing the advice or opinions of one or more Wikipedia contributors. Some essays represent widespread norms; others only represent minority viewpoints.Catalysts help prevent and resolve misunderstanding, calm the waters when users have difficulties dealing with each other and provide examples of constructive behavior in environments where such behavior might not otherwise be the norm." -- Rob Levin - Catalysts (freenode) This project Community falls under The Social sciences as an Academic discipline in Sociology relating to Community, Community studies, Community development and other branches of Science such as Communications and Computational sociology. Portal: Community is also in the process of being aligned with the main article to provide easy navigation along the pathways of community topics.The project scope branches and interfaces hierarchically to: See /Communitas! The List of community topics provides a classification of much Wikipedia content related to community and is this project's tool for keeping things organised and handy.

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Category: Types of communities: This box shows a summary of Community articles by quality.

This goes hand in hand with Don Tapscott's theory of how the digital society has changed collaboration and innovation to a world of co-creation.

Just like the telephone and the television changed the way people interact socially, computers have transformed communication and at the same time created new norms for social capital.

According to Steven Brint, communities are "aggregates of people who share common activities and/or beliefs and who are bound together principally by relations of affect, loyalty, common values, and/or personal concern – i.e., interest in the personalities and life events of one another".

When commuting became a way of life and cheaper transportation made it easier for people to join multiple communities to satisfy different needs, the strength and type of relationships among people seemed more promising criteria.


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