Dating countdown flash toy

If the current day is the same day the countdown will expire and it is AFTER the countdown hour is past, it will show "Now! We are using it to count down every day until a certain cut-off shipping time as in "order in the next 4 hours and 12 minutes to have your order shipped today". But you're still on the hook for manually dealing with DST changing the offset between -4 and -5 for Eastern." until midnight when it rolls over and restarts the countdown. You really need access to the server's time to accurately do what you are asking.Pick from a variety of cool flash toys that will make your space special.Banner Makers Grab one of the cool banner maker flash toys with many cool the day of the week you want it to count down to (0=Sunday, 3=Wednesday, 6=Saturday).It will automatically reset the countdown each week.Create a cool layout with one of our My Space flash toys and widgets for free.

Calendars Add a cute My Space calendar widget to your profile and always know the date.

Parcourez rapidement les jeux en dcouvrant les nouveaux jeux ou la slection spciale Crez un compte pour sauvegarder vos parties joues, vos jeux favoris et bien plus.

Voir toutes les catgories Les jeux sont aussi classs par thmes (jeux de moto et jeux de voiture sont rpertoris dans la catgorie jeux de course, jeux de foot et jeux de golf sont repertoris dans la catgorie jeux de sport).

Page is THE place to get all of the myspace generators and flash toys you could ever need for use on Myspace, friendster, Hi5, Myeeos, your website, friends blog or any other place you want to add a little glitter, photo fun, a clock, calander or special message.

From comments generators and photo cubes to banner makers, photo puzzles and glitter text generators we have it all!


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