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The program went on to say that there are really only four strategies for dealing with debt, and as they described these strategies, I began to see powerful parallels between how human debtors and creditors relate to one another and how we relate to God.

One of the strategies for getting out of debt is currency manipulation.

VICE's Justice series examines the winners and losers of the for-profit criminal justice system.

Imprisoning people for being poor has technically been illegal in this country for two hundred years, but it is still a reality.

Look at the self-help resources listed below for more information.Many consumers have never encountered a debt collector.Some may be fearful or reluctant to take a debt collector's call or read letters about credit card debts they owe.The earliest financial records we have of any kind, dating back thousands of year, are records of debt.When I saw the title of the podcast, my first thought was how true it was, how the battle between creditor and debtor applies not just to the physical realm, but the spiritual one as well, how the history of humanity’s interaction with the divine is defined by how we cope (or don’t cope) with the deficit of righteousness which we have always felt.We close off these balances by manually creating a Credit, which is used to pay out the balance.


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