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Hamlet contrives a plan to test the ghost’s accusation.

With a group of visiting actors, Hamlet arranges the performance of a story representing circumstances similar to those described by the ghost, under which Claudius poisoned Hamlet’s father.

Summary In Polonius' chambers, Laertes prepares to return to school in Paris.

He counsels his sister Ophelia to spurn the advances of her suitor, Prince Hamlet.

Hamlet, Laertes tells Ophelia, is of a higher rank than she and cannot choose with whom he will spend his life.

Hamlet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that takes place in Elsinore Castle in Denmark and follows the indecision of Prince Hamlet’s plot for revenge.

Mourning the death of his father, Hamlet is confronted by a ghost, which informs him that Claudius (the late King’s brother and Hamlet’s uncle) is the murderer.

Claudius and Laertes conspire to poison Hamlet and, as a result, both of them, Hamlet, and Hamlet’s mother all die; leaving the throne open to a vengeful Norwegian prince.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was fascinated not only by human nature but also by the tumultuous history of rulers.


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