Dating party animal

And by hanging out, we mean with all of their friends in tow. This dater might at first seem alluring, super-sociable, fun and the life of the party.

It gets tough when you actually want to start developing something with them - because their friends are always around.

Like a crutch, this dater uses his/her pals to keep you at an emotional distance.

Dating a boy who is the life of the party may improve your social life but may also lead to issues between the two of you.

They absolutely won't commit to any sort of date in the near future - let alone be a good, reliable partner for the long-term.

If you meet someone who likes to say, "I'll let you know...maybe..I will get back to you," do yourself a favor and lose their number.

In her article, "Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive," published on the Psychology Today website, psychologist Amie Gordon suggests choosing an activity that keeps both of you laughing, like watching a comedy.

One minute they are all over you, the next they seem irritated at you - and you have no clue why.

A person they love can be motivation for them to change, mind you, but you can't force the change.

Trying to make other people into what you want rather than letting them be what they want is a great way to get dumped.

You then spend the next day obsessing over what you may have done wrong. Clearly, this person has some issues, but do you really want to stick around and figure out what they are?

When looking for love and a long-term relationship, it is important to be with someone who is consistent and stable. This type of person is one of the most frustrating.


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