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' latest earth-shattering shocker, our hearts are pounding, our heads are spinning and we're currently in the fetal position hyperventilating through our tears.

They played earlier in the night, and it's honestly a bloody treat to see 'em across commercial screens.

Your mates and ours Violent Soho nabbed the gong for Best Group at the ARIAs this year – and bloody well-earned, if I do say so myself.I built them and the LCC seems to be more stable than with previous graphics library.Regards PS : the MHC plugin for any Harmony version is always located here :c:\microchip\harmony\v2_02_00b\utilities\mhc\(of course you need to change in above path the subdirectory name which contains the Harmony version number) Hello, I will start another thread to try to clarify some points about Harmony v2.02b.The couple's relationship didn't start out on the best of terms, but that hasn't stopped fans from rooting for them since the show's debut.Aria and Ezra's romantic relationship has been over for some time now, although the former couple have remained close: Ezra worked with Caleb and Toby to help find the ladies back when they were trapped in A's dollhouse, and in a romantic gesture, Aria asked Ezra to go to the Senior Prom with her.But a few items are worth communicating about here: * Yes, Harmony v2.02b is still beta.


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