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The actress was so scared that she escaped out of her bedroom window and later fled her home city.

Police were called and her father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, were arrested and charged with making threats to kill her.

Miss Azad played a witch who studied at Hogwarts School in the same year as Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

She first appeared as her character, the identical twin sister of Parvati Patil, in Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.

See stars and their soulmates in our slideshow The 27 year-old Dunst tells that she's single and living in New York City.

"My girlfriends will sleep in bed with me, but no guests, not long-term, anyway." The actress, who describes her life as "totally regular," recently took an eye-opening cross-country road trip with a pal, visiting Graceland, New Orleans and the Grand Canyon.…

and luckily, after that, our friendship fell back into place fairly quickly.

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But Miss Azad refused to testify and yesterday failed to turn up at their trial at Manchester Crown Court.(Dear me, I'm even tearing up a little as I write this.)Anyway, the experience has me convinced that BOTH friends need to feel pretty strong chemistry before they move from being platonic pals to romantic partners.Otherwise, I think the chance of it working out are suddenly, he leaned over to kiss me."What are you doing?What's more, I was terrified we might ruin the friendship.Fall in love today and meet attractive singles in Brong-Ahafo for FREE!A Harry Potter actress fled her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her for going out with a Hindu man, a court heard yesterday.


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