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The box includes your choice of a movie, “The Notebook,” or a video game, “Call of Duty,” and other items like a Netflix gift card and two large red wine glasses.

The Atlantic called the Breakup Shop “the Uber for breakups.” Customers come from as far away as Russia, Mexico, Finland and Germany.

The success of such infidelity sites makes a lot of sense, because they grant married "daters" anonymity. They want a "lover" to text them saying that she's thinking about them.

If the chosen lover isn’t among your circle of friends, neighbors or co-workers, you're less likely to get caught. If these men just want sex, there are plenty of other well-established sites for that purpose. They long to receive a caring phone call mid-afternoon.

But in spite of her much-admired concern for four-legged creatures of all stripes, Georgina, 33, doesn’t seem put off by Arruza’s bloodthirsty hobbies.

Their most popular options, the breakup text and breakup phone call, cost and , respectively. The Breakup Shop’s unconventional methods have sparked a conversation about the ever-increasing role technology plays in modern relationships, especially among millennials, who have been accused of lacking face-to-face communication skills.In November, animal-rights organization the Humane Society gave the Bloomberg scion its Compassion in Action Award for “her tireless work to protect all animals.” Little did the org know that her date for the gala at Cipriani was oil company COO Carlos Arruza Jr.— who can often be seen on social media posing cheerfully with the gory carcasses of deer, wild boars and wild turkeys that he has gunned down.” Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, seven deadly mistakes made when dating a Dutch man.The shallow man has met many an expat lady that have been on dates with Dutch men that have not led to happy endings.Before telling you about the mistakes expats often make when dating a Dutch man, here’s a story about an incident in Amsterdam.


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