Ellen barkin dating sam levinson

In 1991, for her leading role in comedy film Switch, Barkin received Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.Her following films credits include Man Trouble (1992), This Boy's Life (1993), Bad Company (1995), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), and Ocean's Thirteen (2007).In 2016, Barkin began playing the leading role as Janine "Smurf" Cody in the TNT drama series Animal Kingdom.Barkin is the mother of two children, Jack Daniel (born 1989) and Romy Marion (born 1992), from her first marriage, to actor Gabriel Byrne.

Read more » A tough, no-nonsense blonde from the Barbara Stanwyck school of acting, actress Ellen Barkin made her acting debut in a 1980 New York stage production of "Irish Coffee;" later appearing in the original off-Broadway presentation of "Extremities. Her breakthrough role was in the 1982 comedy-drama film Diner, and the following years she had starring roles in films include Tender Mercies (1983), The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984), and The Big Easy (1987).In 1989, Barkin received positive reviews for her roles in films Johnny Handsome and Sea of Love.Sure, "Diner" is a landmark movie, one that launched numerous careers (including those of Kevin Bacon, Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, and director Barry Levinson).But is it really the most influential movie of the last 30 years? According to an article in the March 2012 issue, "Diner" -- released 30 years ago today, on March 5, 1982 -- is indirectly responsible for "Seinfeld," "The Office," "Pulp Fiction," and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Such writers as Nick Hornby, Stephen Merchant, and Judd Apatow acknowledge its impact on the way they write scenes that others omit, scenes were guys reveal what matters most to them by chatting over coffee about things that don't matter at all.Like its trivia-obsessed characters, "Diner" is full of unspoken tales beneath the surface.


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