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Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth plan for chatroom access.* This free guest chat platform is not to be used for religious, racial, political or any social cause (no distinction, no allowance, same policy).* This chat portal takes no responsibility for any loss or damage in terms of financial, social, physical or mental loss arising from this network.Anyone who uses Whats App Messenger who has been looking for a truly free native-style desktop app experience on their Mac has been hard-pressed to find a really good client that didn’t have hidden costs and worked extremely well in the same package.Customer Care by dialing the plus sign ( ) followed by 1-505-998-3793 from your mobile phone—it’s a free call.From a landline phone, dial the International Direct Dialing prefix for the country you are in, followed by 1-505-998-3793.It is a legal and administrative requirement.* Zero tolerance policy for sexually explicit public comments.

Enjoy web apps chatting that does not require download or installation..interpretation of Nielsen Mobile Insights Survey among 4 major carriers, top 3 and top 2 box metrics; survey of ~90,000 national mobile phone users (January 2017 - February 2017).In-app chat currently not available on all devices.The pairing process is essentially the same as how we show you in our Whats App web app pairing tutorial, except that you’ll be launching a native app instead of visiting the Whats App web app in your web browser.When you launch the Free Chat for Whats App desktop app, you’re given a QR Code that you need to scan on your i Phone to pair the two devices.Fortunately, Free Chat for Whats App is an app on the Mac App Store that you can download on your Mac at no cost whatsoever, and it will work exactly how you would expect a Whats App Messenger client to work on your Mac without any hidden costs, ads, or caveats Rather than living in a power-hungry web browser all day long, it’s nice to have resource-friendly native desktop apps running on your Mac instead.


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