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When the ship arrives in Surinam, the captain orders the slaves to be put into groups or lots for the merchants and gentlemen who had purchased them, taking care to separate families and acquaintances in case "rage and courage should put them upon contriving some great action, to the ruin of the colony" (37).

Despite the captain's promise to free him, Oroonoko is also seized and sold to the overseer of the plantation, whom the narrator happens to be visiting.

You can read my reviews of the tourist places elsewhere on Trip Advisor.

I landed at Georgetown Cheddi Airport in Guyana at 7am on a sunday on the flight from Trinidad.

Trefry, the overseer of Lord Governor Willoughby's plantation, is enormously surprised by the superior physical appearance of the new slave who, he happily finds, can speak English.

Proceeds of all Sabanapeti’s activities are awarded to projects that support the development of Maroon communities in Suriname.

(Look Lai, The Chinese, 22) Needless to say this experiment was not successful as mortality rates and abandonment of the plantation was high.

Organized Chinese immigration as a possible solution to the post-Emancipation West Indian plantation problems lasted from the 1850’s to the 1866.

The second wave was comprised of free voluntary migrants, consisting of either small groups (usually relatives) to British Guiana, Jamaica and Trinidad from the 1890’s to the 1940’s.

In fact the most modern Caribbean Chinese are descended from this second group.


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