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He is an adult and deserves to have a life outside his career choice.The two previously worked together in drama 'Joseon Gunman' (2014), and are currently under the same label, Namoo Actors.

If it's true, he shouldn't have go on the variety show.Lee Jun Ki’s female lead in Joseon Gunman Nam Sang Mi is now happily married in real life so it’s onward to wedding bells watch hoping Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin also find their own happily ever after with each other.SEE ALSO: Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin confirmed to be dating Dispatch photos!Lee Jun Ki’s agency Namoo Actors swiftly confirmed the relationship and explained the back in 2015 the two were still friends after working on the drama and it wasn’t until 2016 that it turned romantic and they started dating.Whatevers, that sounds like a plausible cover except it’s totally obvious they were dating since the beginning but just didn’t want to be open about it. except he was the male lead and she the crazy second female lead and yet they are the ones with the Hallyu drama happy ending in real life.My person ♥"At the time, netizens believed the sweet message was directed toward his fans.


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