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You may no longer get away claiming to be a kin of some top politician or cop when asked to pull over for jumping signal or not wearing a helmet.

The cameras have already been in use since September 1.

The sergeants have been told to switch on the device every time they haul up a commuter or motorist for a traffic violation.

They have also been directed to record the minutes of an angry exchange or altercation with an errant commuter, if any.

A day after the woman lawyer who allegedly honey-trapped BJP MP KC Patel was arrested, the police took her to her home in Ghaziabad where the video purportedly showing him in a compromising position was shot.

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All 625 sergeants manning 25 traffic guards of Kolkata Police have already been provided with this device.

The police said they found several spy and CCTV cameras installed at her residence and recovered “incriminatory material”.

The police suspect her of running a big racket with the help of her associates, where the gang would trap high profile personalities and extorted money.

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