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After seeing her students loved the division song, she posted a video on Facebook. We offer a different dance style for every day of the week and you can join in at any time throughout the semester.Tango The tango originated in South America, but was adapted as it spread across the country.The type of music you use to tango also defines the type and style of tango that you do.Classes are weekly and are for beginner and intermediate levels.To join, register now (see below) and we will keep you up-to-date about class styles, times, locations and events.He began this venture in 2003 and it has been overwhelmingly successful.

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If you’re looking for a dance partner, look no further than

It allows you time to spend time talking to each other, but also provides an activity that can be fun and exciting at the same time.

It has many prestigious competitions every year and there are universities that have ballroom dance teams compete in International competitions each year.

I am a competitive ballroom dancer and there were periods in my career that I spent well over a year looking for an appropriate partner, spending countless hours traveling to other studios, talking to coaches, and trying to hook up with someone by word-of-mouth.

It occurred to me that the dance community needed a better method of connecting.


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