Russian dating profile picture

The Internet has made finding love a lot less daunting then it used to be, but it’s a double edged sword – having more to reveal can be good OR bad, depending on what you post, and in Russia, it seems that anything goes in the world of online dating.

They’re all looking for that one person, that one Mr. Right who finally gets them (and their giant fish, or heap of trash).

Anyone who has tried it knows that it’s all about selling yourself in such a way that you attract that perfect someone. While we don’t know what any of these people were thinking when they posted these pictures meant to entice a new lover (and frankly, we can’t even begin to guess), we do know that the objective is the same.Russia is wildly acclaimed as the weirdest place on the planet and the way they try to find suitors online doesn’t help that reputation.Sexy, smart, wealthy, athletic, active – these are the sorts of themes people try to convey in their photos.Sometimes, as these following Russian profile pictures prove, what you’re trying to sell can either be unclear or hilariously awkward.Bizarrely some of the images selected by the online daters feature weapons.


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