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This pattern does not conform to expectations of changing orbital conditions, since such changes are slow and linear.The most commonly accepted theory about this shift holds that devegetation of the landscape meant that more light reflected off the ground surface (a process known as albedo), helping to create the high-pressure ridge that dominates today’s Sahara. That’s uncertain, in part because the area involved with studying the effects is so vast.Today, the Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world.It lies in the subtropical latitudes dominated by high-pressure ridges, where the atmospheric pressure at the Earth’s surface is greater than the surrounding environment. How the Sahara became a desert The stark difference between 10,000 years ago and now largely exists due to changing orbital conditions of the earth – the wobble of the earth on its axis and within its orbit relative to the sun. In some areas of northern Africa, the transition from wet to dry conditions occurred slowly; in others it seems to have happened abruptly.

The vegetation of the Sahara was highly diverse and included species commonly found on the margins of today’s rainforests along with desert-adapted plants.Many describe the action as the beginning of a process to shut her out of the church, after she accused her husband of “adultery” and “unreasonable behaviours” in a divorce suit filed in London last April but only made public on Friday.At least 44 Libya-bound migrants, including women and babies, died of thirst after their vehicle broke down in the scorching Sahara desert of northern Niger, local officials said Thursday.Any bet on any Nigerian tennis match will be voided by us. It is a criminal offence for anyone to place bets on a game he is involved in and any such staker should be reported to the Nigerian Police.For faster funding of your accounts, please use your username to make cash deposits or transfers.The 750-kilometre (465-mile) trip from Agadez to the Libyan border takes between two and three days with only very short petrol and toilet stops on the way.


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