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Users are already asking Siri to find them a boyfriend.

Some are asking Amy — a meeting-scheduling virtual assistant — to create imaginary romantic partners to exchange sweet text messages with.

You’ll even get help crafting a believable story behind how you “met”.

Even Google’s AI engine is dropping its matter-of-fact style and .

An icon or figure representing a particular person in a video game, Internet forum, etc.

If you’re short on admirers, perhaps you’ll find solace in an algorithm. We don’t even have to wait that long for technology to fill our intimate needs.

Intro: The Mads unveil their theme music, “Living in Deep 13,” and demand themes from M&t B.

Tom is ready Host segment 1: Now, the Mads are promoting a radio station called Frank Host segment 2: Tom reenacts a tearful scene from “A Star is Born” Host segment 3: A rehearsal for Crow’s one man show about Keanu Reeves starring Mike!

Some of these apps let you chat with strangers based on interests, or indicate some cursory biographical points up front, but the majority, like Chatible, appear to prefer the stranger toss-up.

Even in a highly connected world, you can still be lonely.


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