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Mutual attraction sweeps off them both in waves; powerful pheromones drifting off the page and smoking straight to the reader. In the current series, Harley is the only character Ivy has any real affection for – she demonstrates a full awareness (and quiet concern) for the hold Joker once held on her, and pushes for her to show independence at every possibly moment.

Her relationship with Harley develops and explores her powerful instinct to aggressively protect those she loves, a side of her we usually only see when somebody sets a geranium on fire.

SOURCES: Carolyn Kipper Photography Christine Choi Diary of a Fit Mommy Baby Bliss Photography Nicole Paulson Photography We just ADORE all of the fun adoption photo shoots that have been popping up on pinterest.

What a great alternative to the traditional maternity photo sessions!

Iona and Peter Opie, pioneers of the academic study of children’s culture, divided children’s songs into two classes: those taught to children by adults, which when part of a traditional culture they saw as nursery rhymes, and those that children taught to each other, which formed part of the independent culture of childhood.

A further use of the term children's song is for songs written for the entertainment or education of children, usually in the modern era.

It’s reached a point where, if the pair aren’t heavily intimating a sexual relationship whenever they meet, they just aren’t being written in character. Fans know about their relationship, creators know about it, and DC now confirms that it too sees what everyone else can see.” the official DC Twitter account confirmed: confirm the relationship, at this point!The best creative team in comics could tell a decade-long story in which Harley falls in love and marries a man, has kids, and settles down into monogamy, and fans would still stoke the fires driving the Harley/Ivy ship onwards.The relationship makes her more reflective and interesting as a character — it takes a grandstanding Batman villain and turns her into a smart, complex, and emotionally empathetic figure.In turn, Harley’s relationship with Ivy has been hugely important to her growth as a character as well.In practice none of these categories is entirely discrete, since, for example, children often reuse and adapt nursery rhymes, and many songs now considered as traditional were deliberately written by adults for commercial ends.


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