Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016

NET MVC but the same approach can be used in any C# solution.

In order to speed up your web or cloud platform, you can use caching as one of the best practices for optimizing performance. NET and SQL Server I will show you how to implement cache without a lot of changes in the existing code. NET caching works in practice, its pros and cons, and how to make the right decision about cache selection. NET cache example in the form a simple demo project for manual method results caching and how to improve it with attribute.

I am a little unclear on exactly how the underlying mechanism works, but it may be watching columns in the select statement itself.

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The ability for a client to initiate the call to is controlled through the use of Sql Client Permission and code access security attributes.Without this, the distributed cache has older stale data that causes data integrity problems.SQL Server provides an event notification mechanism where the distributed cache like NCache can register itself for change notification through Sql Cache Dependency and then receive notifications from SQL Server when underlying data changes in the database.First, let us explore on a basic level what is cache in ASP. The concept of caching is straightforward and the following logic can be applied to any type of caching, such as HTML5 application caching and explicit caching in Java.Aggregate Cache Dependency agg Dep = new Aggregate Cache Dependency(); System. In the last section, I will cover the ability of SQL Server to notify about data changes and how we can use it for cache updating.


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