Supernatural dating

According to the site, SDS was created for singles who: If you’re not into taking your new internet companion to spooky cemeteries at night, take note that SDS is not just limited to matching up ghost hunting enthusiasts.

Well, that, and not everybody is into making out in cemeteries or getting busy in abandoned hospitals. Because “The Supernatural Dating Society” is about to put an end to your lonely night, and set you up with the weirdo of your dreams.

Six men can be seen, two of them on one side of the garish purple curtain, the other four seated on the other side. Bachelor #3, we’re stuck inside a locked room, what would we do to kill time until someone let’s us out.

Sam Winchester sits in his chair looking a tad bit nervous as he absently plays with his tie. Sam, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, Darling? (the crowd gasps)Sam (looking down): I’m just looking for that special person to spend my life with. Why don’t you ask our contestants some questions, Darling? Castiel (a confused look on his face): Why would we be stuck? (the audience laughs)Castiel: Very well, I’d give you a massage, working out all the kinks in your body. Bachelor #4, we meet at a bar, give me the pick up line you’d use on me. Gabriel (rolling his eyes): Sam gets to say who can touch him, Dean-o, not you.

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