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However, if you have encountered any inappropriate behaviour by another member (either online or offline) that gives you cause for concern, then you can report them to us in confidence, using our 'report abuse' form.Before you submit a question, please make sure that you have read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - the vast majority of questions we receive are already answered there."If you have the same interests as Kim Kardashian or a Premier League footballer, you could end up on their page," he says.Lovebook offers three packages, which promise different levels of Facebook reach.

An intelligent, attractive and sociable woman in her early thirties, she initially thought dating websites were for losers.When once it was considered to be the preserve of the desperate, the weird or the unfaithful, it is now a must-try for any single looking for a date.With an estimated five million Britons logging on to find love, friendship or fun, the stigma attached to using dating websites is finally disappearing."We just need a laptop and it's very easy to scale this type of business." "Facebook has 1.2bn users and while not all of those people are potential dates, it's safe to say the audience is much bigger than Tinder of," says James, who says he has always been seen as a "bit of a Cupid" in his friendship circle.53 - Oakham, Leicestershire If you don't like coffee, there's always a game of tennis or a round of golf ...."These ads have the potential to go viral," says James.


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