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Our investigation is ongoing, but so far nothing suggests that these pieces of information have been accessed.

Some data was illegally accessed, including a list of email addresses for global users, outside of China.

Toad crunchies are also dropped by tortoises north of the Tree Gnome Village.

They heal 200 to 500 life points, depending on your constitution level. Mix into the dough balls two pairs of toad's legs and a shake of gnome spices. Finish the crunchies with a sprinkling of equa leaves.

- Quest rewards with improved quality should be scored properly More changes coming soon Warlords of Draenor brings new features to Wo W-Heroes: - Wo W-Heroes now supports players level 90 - 100 - Score bar for players lower than level 100 will show suggested instances ranked mainly according to their level - New enchants are added. - Guild progress will not be visible until new raids become available - Guild page now shows guild members from connected realms - Realm page can either list members from your own realm, or include members from connected realms - Newly obtained items should now correctly be scored and displayed as normal/heroic/mythic.

- Some guilds are missing from the Blizzard's API, the problem is reported and should be fixed soon - Boss kills after patch 6.0.2 are not credited, since that data is also missing from the API We are updating Wo W-Heroes for patch 6.0.2.

Victoria's Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio, Shanina Shaik and a squad of the faces of "VS" flew out to the desert in a helicopter and then set up shop at the "VS Angel Oasis," a mansion estate with a lake by the fields.

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Account Security Update Follow-up: NA players visit update your Mobile Authenticator & security question.The new matchmaking feature will automatically connect players of equal skill based on their chosen race, but the game will also continue to support the original matchmaking system—which is to say, no matchmaking at all."If you remember, the original Star Craft didn’t have a button like Warcraft III," Stilwell said.Update: guardian druid stat priority is fixed, they were overwriten by resto stats by mistake.New expansion brought some new bugs, here are the latest fixes: - Protection paladins with Fist of Justice are being displayed properly now - Heirloom weapons are rated properly for level 100 characters."Players threw down a gauntlet in chat channels or hosted open game lobbies for other players to join and discuss terms.


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