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Gaga has become one of the world's most talked about musicians, but little is known about her beau, we have rounded up five things you need to know about the future Mr. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR GALLERY Despite studying business management in college, Taylor left during his third year to move to Hawaii where he took up carpentry and learnt to surf.

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The outrageous singer posted an adorable Instagram snap of her ring, an epic heart-shaped diamond ring, valued at no less than £500,000.PHOTOS: Gaga’s Police Get-Up “Her hair was a little messy. So just who is this mysterious hunk that has won the heart of pop’s reigning princess?It definitely seemed like a ‘morning after’ situation,” our eyewitness says. ” And on Tuesday September 6 they were spotted yet again — this time on the beach! 30-year-old Kinney is an avid surfer who starred as Mason Lockwood on the hit series The Vampire Diaries.Don’t let the surf-bum thing fool you, though — he’s got fine tastes. You’re more interested in pinching the girl from your math class. “What if I was really in a bar on my sixth Budweiser? “I have a man crush on Ian [Somerhalder],” he admitted to us.Last year, we chatted with him about a Salvador Dali exhibit. Now I can appreciate it.” He seemed a little too good to be true. Somerhalder assured us that the crush was requited.Taylor played Gaga's love interest - and fittingly, in the video Taylor wore her mother's wedding dress for various scenes - but the pair didn't begin dating until several months after meeting.


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