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He had yearned of rapping since his childhood days.While studying in the ninth grade, he started rapping with a local group.In his apology posted to Instagram, Brown wrote, "I don't think social media is a place to air out or hash out personal problems and a n---a feel hella WACK for doing it.So I AM APOLOGIZING I live in a glass house and the same s--t that makes me great also is my curse." Do you think Plies' initial tweet was aimed at Chris Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.Plies posted a follow-up meme on Instagram clarifying the initial tweet and soon thereafter, Brown issued a public apology to Tran.He has yet to respond to Plies but the rapper's clarification may have prompted his display of remorse.“Ok i ran into plies at one of his shows he had did in Miami like a year ago. So while he was doing the show he was pulling girls up on the stage with him & being that i was in the front row he pulled me up & started to sing/rap his hit at the time (Shawty).

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He attended Miami University of Ohio where he played wide receiver on the football team. Since Plies is such a freak in his music, find out if it translates to the bedroom below. Like the last few, this one is a few years old but groupie tales are always fun.So it was like the whole time we was talking he was steady catching feelings so his manger had came backstage & told him that he had another show to do so we switched numbers & he said he’ll call me.So later on that day it was 10;30pm & i had just got out the shower getting ready to go to sleep untill my phone went off & as i looked at the number It said plies & omg i got the screaming like somebody was killing me so i had picked up & we was talking for like 10 minutes & he had ask me if i can come & since he’s older then me he was like or is past your bed time so i laugh & said yea i can come over so i was like i be there in like a hour & outta no where he said naw i dont want you to drive you to pretty for that i’ll have one of my homies come pick you up.Plies didn't mention anyone by name but apparently his tweet struck a nerve with Chris Brown.


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