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This unit can be interfaced with Yaesu rotator controller using the standard 6 pin DIN port on the back.

Older controllers may not have the DIN interface and will require opening and soldered connections.

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UPDATE 2014-04-13 David Fannin built on this work and came up with some Arduino code that interfaces between the VX-8DR and a Ublox GPS module.

It can be easily interfaced with commercial rotator control units.

With the addition of a proper capacity power supply and several interface components such as relays, this unit could also serve as a total replacement for a rotator control unit or serve as the basis for a 100% homebrew rotation system.

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Complaint from a customer, you can keep warm and minimize it took me wallet.The OEM GPS module for this radio retails at 0 for the module and mount, and the internal antenna is notorious for being mounted in such a way that if you wanted to get good coverage, you would have to lay the radio down on its back.(Source) Sitting in one of my boxes, however, is a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx GPS receiver with an RS232 serial interface (with a proprietary connector) for NMEA data.So naturally, I want to use this piece of equipment I already have in lieu of spending another 0 for something that doesn’t work very well.Lou / N2TU has done a number of tests with the software interfacing via the Cat port and can provide more information on this.number of 9J271567 Position 1 = year made Position 2 = month made C = January D = February E = March F = April G = May H = June I = July J = August K = September L = October M = November N = December Position 3 and 4 = lot number(s) Position 5 to 8 sequence in that lot Position 1: last digit of the year in which the radio was produced Position 2: Determine the position of the letter in the alphabet (C=3, D=4, E=5, etc) then subtract 2.The result gives the month in which the radio was manufactured.In due course this page will be a stepping off point to find out more detail about the individual radios featured.


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